Restaurant Ultima

Restaurant Ultima Tue– Thu 18.00–23.30, Fri-Sat 17.00-23.30, Eteläranta 16, 00130 Helsinki

or call +358 300 472 341 (0,34€/min+pvm/mpm)

Our Cuisine Is About Excellent Ingredients

90 per cent of Ultima’s ingredients are Finnish. We source them as locally as possible. Some of them are grown hyperlocally at the restaurant.

We are rooted in the Finnish soil but we find inspiration from far and wide. We like simplicity and clarity in our food.

Ultima is a sustainable and experimental restaurant. We aim for sustainable hedonism and are thus excited to be able to use the most innovative food and farming technologies.


Finland is too cold for cultivating wine but our wines are from as close by as possible in order to minimize transportation. We only serve European wines with emphasis on Central and Northern Europe. Because of the climate change wine is cultivated further and further North.

We take pride in our cocktails and especially in our stylish non-alcoholic drinks. In cocktails we often use the same ingredients as in  the menu. This because we aim to use all our ingredients efficiently. This means, for instance, that the flavour in a cocktail might come from vegetable peels.

We also develop our own aquavits and liquors.


Restaurateurs and chefs Henri Alén and Tommi Tuominen are true heavyweights of the Finnish food scene. Before Ultima they caused a sensation in their restaurant Finnjävel by elevating traditional Finnish food to modern delicacies.

These high-profile chefs also have credentials from the classic Finnish fine dining restaurants as well as their own restaurants.

Tuominen’s Demo has had a Michelin star for 12 consecutive years. Alén’s luxury bistro Muru is a Helsinki classic.

Hydroponic Farming and Biodesign

We grow our salads and herbs hyperlocally in the restaurant using the cutting edge Finnish technology.

The closed and controlled hydroponic system circulates the irrigation water, reducing water consumption by 95% compared to conventional farming. Because of the closed system, no pesticides are needed.

Ultima’s top-quality hydroponic system is provided by Green Automation, a Finnish company developing and manufacturing greenhouse automation systems for use throughout the world.

We grow potatoes aeroponically. In this sci-fi looking method potatoes receive their nourishment from the fine mist in the air. Our mushrooms flourish in used coffee grains. And we also have crickets living in balloon-shaped lamps. These methods are part of our circular economy experiment. We aim to run the restaurant as sustainably as possible.

Biodesign and the whole restaurant is designed by Finnish Ateljé Sotamaa.


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